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Office Desks | Tables for Offices

All our office desks can be fully customized to fit perfectly in your work-space. You choose the desk top shape, color and materials, which can feature various types of shelving, archives and storage cabinets, as well as cable organizing systems such as grommets and desktop power solutions. Together we will come up with a design and layout that will give you the best use of your valuable space, all at a price that fits your budget.

In-line Office Desks and Computer Tables

Inline desks can be elegantly simple computer tables with table legs available in various heights. Incorporate standing height office desks into your work area to create a healthy, ergonomic place to work. Filing cabinets, shelving and cable management solutions can be easily integrated into the design. Like all our computer desks, they are available in a range of surface shapes and a rainbow of genuine Formica laminate surfaces.

Island and Workstations

Island type work station desks can be fantastic space savers, and are especially ideal for areas in which the maximum number of workers need to fill a given office space comfortably. This type of office desk configuration is ideal for telemarketing agencies, call centers, and customer service departments and data entry positions. Each cubicle can be adjusted to accommodate call center applications with foam and carpet lined divisions giving added for sound insulation purposes.

On the other hand, the dividers between the desks positions can be small – just enough to assure each employee has a little privacy and the space required to get the job done. Conversely, the desk partitions can be nonexistent to encourage communication and idea sharing between workers. The best part is that all of our desks are designed to be as modular as possible, in order to easily accommodate a dynamic work environment.

Corner (L-Shaped) Desks

L-shaped desks provide plenty of surface area but won’t take up much floor space because they are design to fit easily into a corner. Thanks to it's shape, a corner desk can be used in areas that may otherwise go unused, and add an extra piece of modern flair to any office. These desks can be fitted with partitions to provide for more privacy for job positions that require long periods of focus and concentration.

Corner desks are also well suited for management positions because they can be fitted with archives, plenty of storage space for quarterly reports, contracts and critical work files, while providing ample writing surface area in a relatively compact space.

Modelco uses genuine Formica® for all of our laminate Surfaces

Available surface shapes


Surface options: Solid Colors


Surface options: Wood Patterns


Surface options: Metal1